• The sun is the source of energy for all ecosystems
  • One billionth of the suns energy reaches Earth. The distance bewteen the Earth and the Sun is 150 million km.
  • The heat generated by the sun is the result of nuclear fusion reactions as the hydronen is fused in helium
  •  Most of the sun's energy that reaches  is in the the form of  light and heath bute other forms of radiation are also produced by the sun.
  • The Earth’s atmosphere filters out most of the suns harmful radiation (cosmic rays, gamma rays, X-rays, UV) by reflection or absorption of chemicals in the atmosphere.
  • The sun’s energy is a renewable energy source. 
  • 30% of the sun's radiaton is reflected by clouds before it eaches the earth.
  • 70% warms the surface of the Earth causing:  Water evaporation, weather patterns.
  • Albedois a measurement of the percentage of light that an object reflects.  The higher the albedo, the greater the object’s ability to reflect sunlight.

The sun's rays reflected by mountains, clouds, etc...